It’s coming up quickly

This morning! Fun, fun, fun!

Last night (not my image)

I suppose, I could be talking about the snow, but, I’m not. Our visit to the States is the primary topic. We’ve been living in Germany for about 1.5 years now. This will be our first return visit in that time. The culture shock alone ought to be enough to wear us out, let alone all the family & friend visits on top of the ‘jet-lag’.

A couple of important things…

We’ll be having some sort of a get-together in Seattle & in K.C. so we can see as many people as possible at one time.

In Seattle; the plan hasn’t formally gelled, but I think that I’d plan on Sat. night Feb. 3rd; somewhere in the city.

In Kansas City; Since we had to make a decision on nights to do our Chelly’s/75th Street evening, I’ve decided to do it Friday night Feb. 9th. I figure we’ll hit Chelly’s 6-ish and then progress to 75th Street Brewery from there.

So, Girls & Boys… schedule those baby-sitters and we’ll see you one place or the other. Right?

Now… quick new update.

For those that hadn’t seen the previous update of last week; I have a new job. I’m an English teacher! Isn’t that a terrifying thought? I’m working for a relatively new Language school here in town called ModoLingo

As you can see… it’s snowing. It’s been doing so for a couple of days straight now. Kera’s not happy about it…. I’m thrilled. Of course, I love snow & cold weather (yes, I’m a bit of a nut). That’s most of the reason that you love me… Right?

I’ve taught my first class and might be substituting tonight as well. I’m waiting on the call to say yes/no.

My wife's bag collection
Spools of Orange & Blue

Kera’s been sewing her little fingers off lately. Check out the above pics.

We also just took possession of a new toy; the new iPod Shuffle…. Thanks sis!


It ought to be great for those long hours in the saddle. In fact, used it while doing an hour on the rollers this morning. Helped a lot in making the time go by. The sound on this little guy is amazing. The battery lasts about 12 hours and it holds up to something like 250 songs. Wow! Isn’t technology fantastic?

Well, I’m off to go sign up for another Deutsche class and play in the snow on the bike. Woohoo!


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What does one say here. Hmmm. First, I'm a "trailing spouse". Kera, my wife, works hard and keeps us afloat. I work... not nearly as hard and contribute enough to let us have fun. Oh, I also make bags for bikepacking under the name of SpoK Werks I'm an English Teacher (English as a Second Language) here in Germany. It's an amazingly rewarding thing to do. I'd never have believed it until I'd tried it. I also make bikepacking bags under the name SpoK Bags. Just search for us in Flickr. We're adventure nuts (i.e. cycling, travel, life, friends, etc.). We attempt to live each day as fully as we can manage.

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One thought on “It’s coming up quickly”

  1. Welcome back to the good ol’ US. And your first exposure will be in the heartland. Yeah that will be some culture shock for sure.

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