ESSC08 European SingleSpeed Championships – Massa, Italy

The face of dissapointment Pinkle pause

Which one is pissyer…..? Them or me?

So… a couple of weekends back I drove along with two others to Massa, Italy where the European SingleSpeed Championships were held.

All-in-all the photos probably tell the story better than I can. Suffice to say we drove a long way, 700 km’s each way, got in a bit of a ride plus the race, got rained on, had some really good food, met some really, really cool people and had some really good times. The race is going to be in Dresden for the ’09 version of the European SingleSpeed Championships. That’ll make it a bit closer… I think.

I’m looking forward to hanging out with the whole Los Lobos crowd again somewhere down the road as they’re some of the nicest, most welcoming people that I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

Oh… our buddy Isaac pulled off a 3rd place finish on a borrowed bike against a pair of pros. Not bad in my book. Unfortunately, for us, Isaac is heading back to New Mexico in a month. We’ll miss him but you guys out west keep an eye out for this skinny speed-demon.


Vox… one of the coolest, most laid-back dogs ever… Poor guy got attacked by another dog.. hence the bandage.

This crazy chef-dude below makes some of the best ribs that I’ve ever tasted. Yum!

Crazy cook dude.

Check out where the path leads… too much Ramazzoti boys? It’d never happen in good old Deutschland.


My buddy and teammate Ed… also from Missouri.

Ed... team mate and buddy also an ex-pat from Missouri

The kind in the Grey French SS jersey is Isaac (aka The Fastest Boy on Wheels) and the guy in the metal jersey is Flo. A really nice guy from north of Munchen.


Gary never considered this marketing scheme…. Gay Fisher

Gay Fisher

The aftermath of the trip.

The aftermath02The aftermath01

Looks as though they put me down as finishing 41st even though I’d call it a DNF. RESULTS HERE!

A few different places to find more info. and photos. SSEC link

Orme pics

Stefano’s pics

Singlestoph Photos

Flickr ESSC08 Pool

Los Lobos Blog post on ESSC08

So…. got my squeaking problems fixed today after putting Teflon tape on the bottom bracket threads and anti-seize on the outside of the EBB. Thanks to the folks at for helping me fix it.

My in-laws show up on Friday and then I’m doing the Tegernsee Marathon on Sunday. The following Friday we’re heading toward Rome for a week of vacation.

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9 thoughts on “ESSC08 European SingleSpeed Championships – Massa, Italy”

  1. HI Mike

    It was a pleasure to meet you in Italy – shame we never found the saturday ride group but at least the coffee was reward for the climb home!

    We finally got back from the ESSC roadtrip / vacation yesterday. Switzerland was great and we managed a few (painfully climby singlespeed) rides around babysitting (had a $$$ visit to docs with Tom and turns out his fever was from an ear infection). All mended now.

    See you on a bike sometime – email us if ever visiting north of england and will show you around.

    Mick, Al & boys

  2. I enjoy your blog Mike. Have you considered riding at the Roc d’Azur in October? It really is a great and (usually) sunny event. Not many singlespeeders there, but I’ve seen a few.

  3. Yes, I’ve ridden it 4 times, once in the non-competitive randonnee and 3 times the Roc d’Azur itself, a 58k enduro, which in theory is a competitive event, but if you’re at the back where I was, it’s just about getting round.

    I’d describe it as a hard, but fantastic event and a great way to end the season, a few days in the sun on the Cote d’Azur. I’ve only ever seen 1 person riding the Roc on a singespeed – a New Zealander on a rigid Bianchi PUSS – and I couldn’t, it’s hard enough for me with gears. Some of the randonnees are shorter though.

    I’d recommend the Roc to anyone, the French do this kind of thing very well, as you know. Vivre le Roc d’Azur!

  4. 2009 Dresden – 500 kms to go but lightyears away!
    Oh my SiS in 2 weeks … and the weather is like march … business as usual!

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