SiS race report and other things… naturally!

Tasse Bier

310 Schlaflos im Sattel

So, we went to SiS (Schlaflos im Sattel) last weekend. I’m glad we did. It was great to see friends from throughout the world there. This little (only 400+ participants) is one of the best events this side of the Atlantic. Phaty, Keili and crew do a fantastic job and are to be commended for their efforts. THANKS GANG! What is also commendable is the efforts of the local people. They come out, volunteer, work hard, make food, serve drinks, etc. for 3+ days. I’m sure that they make a bunch of money from all of us, but it wouldn’t be the event that it is without the participation of the people of Weidenthal.

Here are a few photos from the event. Many more here and here.


This ball was about 6′ tall and had fake snow falling inside.


Toilet out of order. That’s bad at a bike event!


Marty rocking a lap in partion BWR gear.

SIS 08 151

Me (sleeping whilst standing…I think).

SIS 08 153

My teammate Matthias coming in at the end of the race.

Matthias finishing

Another of Matthias

Singlespeed Superfly01

A beautiful singlespeed Gary Fisher Superfly

Just me

That’s me there with all the colors on the lead-out lap.

David Smile

Our friend David….always smiling


There’s a lot of love going on (actually, it was after bike jousting).

Beautiful bike tats

Tattoos and piercings everywhere

Belt-drive fixie

Even belt-drive fixies could be found

Bouncing IF

Also, a Ti Independent Fabrication singlespeed it belongs to Ken who is really nice and fast… bastard!


Yup… clueless me before the start.


Marty hitting the Start/Finish at some point during the night.


Busted! Got to love the Dopers Suck socks I bought from Ken.


A great shot of Ed that I stole from Keili’s photos. Thanks Keili.


So…. after all those pics, it’s probably time to write just a bit. We hit town on Friday, went for a ride with Ken and then had fun chatting with everyone we know and having a few drinks. We woke the next morning to a beautiful day, had breakfast, ate some lunch, chatted some more and then did a lap of the course. We watched a bit of the singlespeed race, watched the jousting, took lots of photos and generally relaxed.

The race started just before 21:00 and I did the first two laps. I felt surprisingly good. During the first lap I, somehow, caught up with Marty and tailed him up the long climb to the top of the mountain. It was really great to have teammates in like uniforms for a change. Most of the races that I go to I don’t really know anyone and it’s good to have people you know around. Anyway, I cranked out a couple of first laps and then Matthias went out. After that, Armin and then Christian. While they were out I had a shot of really good Scotch and some food up at the refreshment booth and headed back for a nap. I awoke about 2:00 after what amounted to an hours sleep and then waited. No one had awoken me and I didn’t know that Christian had already done his two laps and then he rolled around after a break with food. He dropped the food and off he went for a third lap. Way to go man!

Then I hit the trail again and cranked out my fastest lap of the night. By then, there was a beautiful tracked worked in to even the most difficult parts of the course. Sadly, most of the way through my 3rd lap I ran across the ambulance picking up their second victim of the night. He’d fallen and broken his pelvis (OUCH!!!). The first had hurt himself but not too badly (Phaty informed me that both hurt guys have said that they’ll be back again next year). Luckily, the worst injuries I received amounted to sore muscles and a small rash from Stinging Nettles wrapping around my arm on the previous days fun ride.

Another couple of comments. This race has to have a large majority of the 29’ers and singlespeeds from Germany if not the middle part of Europe in general. If you’ve got the time, cruise through a lot of the photos. There are some beauties there. Thanks again to everyone that had something to do with this race. It’s the best!

My little Dinotte light performed well as did all my various Ergon products (BC2 pack, grips and gloves). I’ve mentioned it before and will again. I love Ergon! My Black Sheep is, finally, starting to act the way that I’ve always wanted it to. I might have been the week we spent together in Italy. Who knows? Anyway, if/when I get my seatpost I’ll have a complete bike after nearly two years of waiting. Is it time to get a new one yet? 🙂


This is a little pic of said seatpost if/when it ever comes.

A little home news. I’m applying for another job at the school doing the same job as I attempted to get the last time but at the school that I teach in nearly daily. Wish me luck. At 46 I suppose it’s time that I attempt to grow up and have a ‘real’ job.

O.K., now that I’ve worn out your eyes and brain…. I’m signing off.

FYI – Ken… still working on the tagged Blog.

4 thoughts on “SiS race report and other things… naturally!”

  1. The first crash was Bram fom The Netherlands and he didn’t broke his collarbone. He did like the fact that they pumped him up with morphine to get him to the hospital without too much pain! So we ended up with one broken bone (pelvis) …
    Still really didn’t make me too much more happy. After 3 years of almost no injuries it was a little shocker for me feeling responsible for the riders. But both guys already told me they will come back next year. Crazy bastards!

  2. chicks dig scars. mike, thanks for the ride and conversations, it was great to have a co-patriot (not that there weren’t any other ami’s out there..) who speaks the same language (jackass). could I interest you in a set of those EDGE 29er rims…they would go sweet on the Black Sheep and you’ll get the screamin deal…

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