Please, please, please….. don’t forget to VOTE.

Granted, I’d rather you voted for Obama. However, in the worst case scenario, I’d hope that you just vote. People lost their lives for our right to vote (all of us) and it’d be great if we didn’t see it as a bother to get your ass up from the couch and go vote. From recent reports it’s so easy to vote in the States anymore. Can’t you just go in to your local Starbucks or grocery store and drop your vote in the box before you order your Quadruple shot, no fat, lots of whipped cream three flavor monster coffee that doesn’t taste like coffee anymore?

Anyway… I digress. Thanks for voting if you are going to or did. Otherwise, you’ve forgone your right to bitch about the result.

group at Kreuzberg Hütte

In lighter news, it’s fall, nearly winter, here in Germany. Above is evidence that I shot from our balcony. We also went hiking with some friends last weekend way out there in those mountains. I’ll add a couple of photos from that too.

Last but definitely not least, we went to a fun Halloween party. Too much to explain, but there are some good photos. Go HERE for those.

I’m still waiting for some photos to upload. I’ll probably update this post later with links to the hiking set on Flickr. Ciao for now.

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What does one say here. Hmmm. First, I'm a "trailing spouse". Kera, my wife, works hard and keeps us afloat. I work... not nearly as hard and contribute enough to let us have fun. Oh, I also make bags for bikepacking under the name of SpoK Werks I'm an English Teacher (English as a Second Language) here in Germany. It's an amazingly rewarding thing to do. I'd never have believed it until I'd tried it. I also make bikepacking bags under the name SpoK Bags. Just search for us in Flickr. We're adventure nuts (i.e. cycling, travel, life, friends, etc.). We attempt to live each day as fully as we can manage.

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