The Triple Whammy!


My last post was called Anticipation and this is one of the things that I’m anxiously waiting for….

This is the time of year that Kera spends a fair amount of her time traveling the world for work. I miss her a lot in part because she’s my wife (of course) but she’s also my best friend and adventure buddy. Mostly because she’s just pretty AWESOME! She’ll be home Saturday and then off again in a week. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder….” Right?

My Triple in Construction

Second would be this… My new Retrotec Triple 29’er which will be my singlespeed and probably my primary bike.

The fork for said bike plus some Chuey hats

and this…. The fork for the Triple.

The view from the Prienerhütte

Last weekend I went snowshoeing a couple of times. Friday for a couple of hours close to home in the mountains and on Saturday morning I headed about 25 km/15.5 miles south into the mountains and hiked up to Prienerhütte. It was a beautiful hike and I motored it trying to make it into a workout. It must’ve worked because the recommended time was 5 hours and I made it in about 3.5. It’d been more fun with Kera there though. Next time!

My second prototype for a front toptube bag

I’ve been doing a lot of spin class, some running and two weeks ago I did the big 4+ hour spinning marathon at the fitness center. Some other things I’ve been working on are my bike/part reviews for and maybe the coolest is prototyping the SpoK bikepacking bags. I’m about half (or more) complete with a frame bag and I’ve finished a top tube bag that I’m proud of and worthy of selling. Step-by-step….

3 thoughts on “The Triple Whammy!”

  1. Awesome looking bag! Any chance to get a pair of hands around one? Or even some insight on how to build one myself?

  2. Thanks for the compliment. I’d be happy to make you one when I get home mid-July. I’m currently 1600+ miles into a 2745 mile race from Banff to the Mexican border.

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