Quick update…. follow along at home


The bike loaded and out for a ride

In case you are at all interested in following along at home (ala Fantasy Baseball, but interesting) you can track us per the links below.

Here’s a listing of all the currently registered riders –

Google Docs Listing of racers –


My Personal SPOT track –


Track Leaders listing for the TDR with all people who have signed up to be tracked –


You can listen to everyone’s call-in’s here –


* Also, when Joe posts the RSS feed link you can automatically get the daily updates. Listen while you’re eating breakfast. It’ll help burn calories.

FYI – We start on 8 June in Banff. My goal is to attempt a 25 day finish at the Mexican border. That means a bit over 100 miles/160 km a day average. Therefore, some days will be longer, others shorter. In any case, cross your fingers and wish me luck!

Keep your fingers crossed and hold your thumbs (that’s what Germans do).

4 thoughts on “Quick update…. follow along at home”

  1. Hi Robin… for the TDR I used 32X19. It went well. There were times I wish I had used slightly different gearing (maybe a 20 rear) but overall, I was happy with the choice.

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