Time to get the party started

Hi all… as people have mentioned, it’s been ages since I’ve done anything with this blog. Well, it’s time that I changed that. I’m going to attempt to do something here at least once a week, even if it’s only a share of something else.

Kera cruising toward a great finish!
Kera’s lucky compression socks
I’m quite proud of this lady.

For now though, we’ll start here. Since September or so I’ve been fighting sciatic nerve problems. After a few visits to the physiotherapist it’s pretty much gone. Unfortunately, it quashed my year of training for the Berlin Marathon but at least Kera was able to do it. Oddly, Kera had a really bad cold but finished quite well in spite of it. Check out the photo above.

We’re both signed up for the Vienna Marathon on April 23, 2014. Additionally, I’m signed up for the Highland 550. That’s two of our adventures for the first half of the year. It’s possible that we’ll be off to Ireland for the SingleSpeed European Championships. Well, I thought so until I just looked. They’re, naturally, on the same weekend as the Vienna Marathon. I guess I’ll just have to find something else to go do.

Overall, we’ve had a pretty busy year. We went to Italy for an early season training session, then Spain for the SingleSpeed European Championships, Italy for SingleSpeed Worlds, my Grenzstein Trophy race which was immediately followed by an Alpencross and then a hike back. Then, the Berlin Marathon. Lastly, we spent a weekend hiking/riding in the Alps during the fall color. That was beautiful! Now, we’re in spin/rest/plan mode for ’14.

Additionally, we continue to grow SpoK Werks a little at a time.

A couple of the highlights (in photos) of the past year.

Finishing the Grenzstein Trophy (even if I did have a serious navigational problem on day 2).
The view from the restaurant on the last night of our Alpencross
Part way through our hike towards home
I made all these bags… the slow, steady growth of SpoK Werks.

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