Results – Bike, Run, etc.

2014 –

Rockville cyclocross race – DNF

2013 –

Munich Olympic Park Half Marathon finisher

Grenzstein Trophy Race finisher – 8 days 10 hours

Single Speed European Championships – 4th… like all finishers

Schlaflos im Sattel – 4 person ‘fun’ team – finisher

Single Speed World Championships – 4th (see above)

Alpencross with our fitness club (37 Grad Fitness) followed by trekking (hut-to-hut) back most of the way home with my wife.

 Berlin Marathon – DNS

2012 –

Finisher Tour Divide Race from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico (Border of Mexico) – 33 days 10 hours

Schlaflos im Sattel – Solo – DNF (fell asleep on the bike)

Single Speed Italy – 4th

2011 –

Schlaflos im Sattel – Solo – 10th

2010 –


2008 –

3 May 2008 Garda Marathon – Senior Men – 114th place 3:38.47,8

19 April 2008 Corretec City Bike Marathon – Senior Men 1 – 46th place 2:57:01

22 May 2008 European SingleSpeed Championship – 42nd or DNF….. depends on who you ask.

2007 –

2006 –



One thought on “Results – Bike, Run, etc.”

  1. Michael, Eric Carter here; good to find you on the internet machine. Looks like you are consistant. Living in Bend, OR these days, but not as much saddle time. Busy being a dad, a husband, and a mechanic. Still hit the street for some urban at night sometimes, but 3 hours of dirt is an epic these days. Don’t know if this is going to get “posted”, so I’ll spare you the details of my life. I still have the retrotech, it is the only bike in my stable that is never for sale. Love it. SHoot me a note someday so I have your email. Tell Keera I say “Howdee!” Cheers, Carter

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